Closing Day 2018/19 March 31st

9:00am - 4:30pm

All Mountain Nights

All Mountain Nights ages 8-16

8 - 1  1/2 hr lessons Wednesday or Friday evenings beginning Jan 9, 2019 or Jan 11, 2019

Start time:  6:30 pm - 8pm

The All Mountain program is geared toward the young intermediate to advanced skier, who wants to experience all skiing outside of the Park.  This thrilling, active quick paced program will improve the "Total" skier in your child.  Skiers will be exposed to all types of terrain bumps, groomed, un-groomed powder.  Use of the Park will be utilized at times as tactic to improve skiing skills.  Program requirements; Participants interested in the program must have the physical capability to parallel ski 90 percent of the time on Blue and Black slopes at MSLM.  This translates into the skier being able to parellel to a hockey stop, be comfortable in entry level bumps while respecting the Skiers Responsibility Code.

Program takes place at our Mount St Louis Chalet.

Registration Deadline January 3 2019

Cost $459 + HST lesson only

Lift ticket not included

Note: Make sure to select the correct option by using the dropbox menu

Allow 48 hours for order to be processed.

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